Our Secret?

From ¥422 per dish!

Multi Course System

Our restaurant has less overhead cost due to the following reasons:

  • Minimum labor cost required to maintain a well-organized course menu
  • NO FOOD LOSS thanks to our fixed menus

As a result, OAGARI can afford to spend our earnings on higher-quality and fresher ingredients and pass the savings onto you, our beloved patrons!

**We are accommodating to FOOD-RELATED ALLERGIES. Just ask us!

Compared with a la carte

  • We don't have to cater to unexpected orders
  • No un-ordered items on the menu equals NO food waste

Other restaurants carry extra labor costs and have to consider food loss in their business plans to maintain an a la carte menu. These extra costs are shuffled onto to (guess who?) you, the paying customer! As a result, customers pay for a meal at a premium. No wonder restaurants with an a la carte menus are more expensive. Okay, so, how do some restaurants offer such inexpensive prices for their meals? Sadly, cheap and processed ingredients and tons of MSG make it possible to keep prices low. Quality and flavor are sacrificed.


Ever had Kyoto Cuisine before? If your answer is "yes", great! Try Oagari's take on it. If your answer is "no", great! Come join us and we'll take you on a seasonal journey of Kyoto's best.