Kyoto-Style Okonomiyaki & Sake


Slow Food

What do you think Japanese foods are? Sushi? Ramen noodle? They're just examples. "Japanese food" is no more than comprehensive word to describe them all and there are still more and more local specialties in every single neighborhood. We offer an opportunity to try local foods with local ingredients.

We Accommodate

We're extremely vegan & gluten-free friendly! It doesn't mean we have some options, but accommodate almost all dishes. It is sure we are NOT a conceptual restaurant for people on plant-based diets, but therefore both dietary options and extraordinary tastes can be compatible.

Gluten-free options

Until supply lasts, early hours recommended.

We DON'T have extra stock too much in order to offer only fresh food. Some foods can be run off in early hours. It depends but we're usually crowded with a waiting line/fully reserved between 19:00-21:00. Please come early if you are flexible.

Open hours

12:00~14:00 Reserved required.
17:00~22:00 **until supplies last, irregular holidays

We 're very cozy.

Only 21 seats. Don't forget to reserve!

Contact us

We have both reserved seats and non-reserved seats on a first-come first-served basis.


In a sudden reservation, please call us.


Address: Hiro building 2F, 537-2 Gion machi minamigawa, Higashiyama ward, Kyoto, Kyoto fu, Japan

*We're on the 2nd floor.

Through the super narrow door, going up spiral stairs, you are going to reach us on 2nd. In the same gray color building, there are Kimono(Japanese traditional wearing) rental shop at 1F and another teppanyaki restaurant at BF.

More Details?

Japanese culinary history, cultural difference of eating habits, about sake etc. Check them out and enjoy to explore Japan more!