okonomiyaki & grills Oagari

Brilliant chef

The talented professional chef who has began teppanyaki at the young age of 15. Don't miss this chance to taste his dishes in such a reasonable price !


Highly recommended

teppanayaki oagari

In only 3 months, OAGARI has made it to TOP 10 /  13,008 restaurants in Kyoto. (Just opened in Oct.2017 )

Our Handmade Space

We chefs by ourselves made interior design - walls, floor, seats, lighting and  tables. Please enjoy our committed construction with cozy atmosphere and relaxing space hearing Jazz music and piano by Joe Hisaishi, a worldwide famous Japanese pianist.

Traveller and Tourist-friendly!

We welcome all people from all walks of life!  You are sure to come in and leave happy.

Credit cards accepted


Friendly staffs

English language-friendly, supporting staffs

Vegetarian friendly

As long as you can have eggs, you can get so fancy foods.

Menu & Price


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Easy access

Bus stop "Gion"

1 min walk 

Keihan railway " Gion-shijo" station

9 mins walk

Hankyu railway "Kawaramachi" station

10 mins walk 


Hiro building floor 2, 537-2 Gion-machi-minamigawa, Higashiyama ward, Kyoto 605-0074, Japan