Delicious foods are not only stuffs we offer.

Today you might be able to eat nice Japanese food in your city / country. So what else we can do for you as a restaurant? The answer is the experiences.


Typical Japanese foods are available here and there. What is the our value?  - Locality. Our foods are based on a local culture, with Japanese unique ingredients, sometimes with modern Japanese culinary technique, beyond any food preference.


Super small glass-serving enables you to try various sake, plum wine, fruit sake at once visit.


Enjoy talking with staffs and exchange your thoughts. Knowing what the local really thinks is the extreme local experience.

Tour Tips

Is Kyoto always Kyoto? No, it is totally changeable coming down to seasons. We are willing to give you  comprehensive support for your whole tour.

Our challenge never ends.

We're not satisfied with what we are today. Your feedback are always welcomed. It is going to improve us, create us in the future.